The owner of Libris.club sells the entire library of -10€s for a book.4500 books

Sale Libris.CLUB library of rare books in bulk. 4500 books. Books mostly in Russian. Also, German and Latvian. Most of the books (4360 items) added to Antiques.haus store catalog with pictures and descriptions. A small part of the book (200+ tsarist books) is not added, and packed the entire library for sale.


Автор: Книжный клуб Libris.club

Книжный клуб Libris.club

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Внимание: ограниченное количество товара в наличии!

45 000 €


Good day, dear bookseller and colleague!

 I was engaged in old books dealing for over 12 years and now has decided to withdraw from this business and sold my unique library antique shop. My suggestion is very beneficial for your business if you want to expand the range of selling books and get a good profit.

 I, am the owner of Website http://libris.club where sell my library of rare antique books in bulk. 4500 books at a low price – only 10 euros per book. Books mostly in Russian. There are also books in German and Latvian. The library is sold only as a whole.

 I offer a unique opportunity to purchase rare books library tsarist times, and rare editions of fantastic low price -10 euros for the item. Multi-volume publications are considered as one item.

 If you are interested in purchasing this library, please contact me by email or phone. With the composition of the library you can read if you want to purchase we will send a list of books to you.

 The library staff can be found on the website http://libris.club. Almost all the books added to the store directory. A small portion of books packed and will not be added (200-290 books of imperial period)


For a library, antique shop Libris.club were selected the most interesting, rare and valuable books. Now sold at fantastic low price.

Price-list is here: http://libris.club/прайс-лист


Buying my unique library may be the best value:

  •  for sellers of old books, wishing to expand their business and get great profit,
  •  for a wealthy collector and bibliophile,
  •  for a solid interior design and investment in antiques things.



1. Pickup from Riga.

2. Payment to the account of the store in a bank or in cash

3. The export of books after payment.

4. Packing together with the customer, or I can pack for you. Some of the books already packed in corrugated cardboard boxes + durable plastic bags. This technology enables you to securely transport the stored books.


This proposal is an open offer for all market participants. The library will be sold to the first buyer who paid for the deal.

 Please write me a massage at club.libris@gmail.com or call at phone at Latvia: +37120511000.

 Sincerely yours, Vitalijs Kolesnikovs


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