The PWM Company manufactures chip testers to test very popular chips on the electronics market for radio amateurs, repair shops, chip dealers, for education and for electronics manufacturers.

The manufacturer of testers for checking popular PWM chips

A special place for The PWM company is occupied by PWM controllers for modern power pulse electronics. PWM or pulse width modulation is a way to control the power supply to the load. Control is to change the pulse duration at a constant pulse repetition rate.
Sometimes we pitch - their controllers and power supply (including those built into the laptop) can break down and fail. In such cases, you will need to identify faults (in some cases, you need to check the power source, in others it is worth checking the circuit itself). Multimeters have been developed for this purpose. Multimeters carefully examine the performance of the PWM controllers and help troubleshoot if necessary. The most common reasons why these devices should be checked are considered unstable operation of the board and changes in voltage indicators. If they are eliminated, the technique will work.
TL494 PWM-TEST494 Series Chip Tester for Chip Testing: TL494 KA7500 DBL494 M5T494P UPC494 IR9494 A494 DBL494 MPC494C IR3M02 MB3759 XR494 ECG1729 KR1114UE NE5561 MB3759

TL494 Series IC Chip Tester PWM-TEST494

Most modern switching power supplies are manufactured on TL494 type chips, which is a pulse PWM controller. The power part is made on high-power elements, for example, transistors. The circuit of switching on the TL494 is simple, the minimum of additional radio components is required, the datasheet is described in detail.

The PWM controller is considered the “heart” of the power sources, but first it is necessary to check other components of the power supply unit following the standard procedure for repairing the power supply unit

1) In the off state, carefully inspect the source (special attention should be paid to the state of all electrolytic capacitors - they should not be swollen).

2) Check the integrity of the fuse and elements of the input filter BP.

3) Ring the short circuit or open circuit of the diodes of the rectifier bridge (this operation, like many others, can be performed without discharging the diodes from the board). In other cases, you must be sure that the circuit being tested is not shunted by the transformer windings or a resistor (in suspicious cases, the circuit element must be soldered and checked separately).

4) Check the health of the output circuits: electrolytic capacitors, low-pass filters, rectifier diodes and diode assemblies.

5) Check the power transistors of the high-frequency converter and transistors of the control cascade. Be sure to check the return diodes connected in parallel to the collector-emitter electrodes of the power transistors.

These actions give a positive result in detecting only the consequences of the failure of the entire unit, but in most cases the cause of the fault is much deeper. For example, a fault in the power transistors may be the result of faults in the circuits of the protection and control circuit, disturbance of the feedback circuit, faults in the PWM converter, failure of the damping RC circuits, or inter-turn breakdown in the power transformer. Therefore, if it is possible to find a faulty element, then it is desirable to go through all the stages of the checks listed above (since the fuse itself never burns, and the punched diode in the output rectifier causes the death of the high-frequency converter power transistors).

The use of pulse-width modulation allows to increase the efficiency of electric converters (up to 80%), especially for pulse converters, which today form the basis of the secondary power sources of various electronic devices. The return stroke and forward stroke one-stroke, two-stroke and half-bridge, as well as bridge impulse transducers are controlled today with the participation of PWM, this also applies to resonant transducers.

SG3525 PWM-TEST3525 Series Chip Tester for Chip Test: SG3525 SG2525 SG3526 SG3527 KA3525A NTE1721 UC3525A UC1525 UC1527 UC2525 UC2527 UC3525A

SG3525 Series IC Chip Tester PWM-TEST3525
Another popular PWM microcontroller is the SG3525. The microcircuit is not new, but its structure allows implementing various converter circuits with many additional options. Such as: stabilization of the output voltage, current protection of powerful key transistors, overvoltage protection, shutdown of the converter when the minimum supply voltage is reached. True, the PWM adjustment range is only 50%.

IR2113 Series PWM-TEST2113 IC Chip Tester MOSFET Tester: IR2113 IR2110 IR2112 HIP2500

Currently, a number of firms, such as International Rectifier, Agilent Technologies (Hewlett Packard), EUPEC, SEMIKRON, produce a wide range of devices designed to control single transistors, half-bridges and bridges - two- and three-phase. The range of manufactured MOSFET and IGBT transistors is growing like an avalanche, as well as the range of drivers, so this article aims to help the developer in choosing the most suitable component to solve a specific problem.
International Rectifier (IR) has long been well known in Russia as a manufacturer of power transistors and integrated circuits for control.

Chip Tester Series IR2153 PWM-TEST2153 for testing chips: IR2153 IR2153D IR2520 IR2151 IR2151 IR2153 IR2155 L6569 L6571.

The IR2153 is a high-voltage driver with an internal generator — self-activated. Such a set of nodes allows organizing half-bridge switching power supply units with a capacity of up to 1.5 kW with minimal strapping on the basis of this chip.

Chip Tester Series UC3843 PWM-TEST3843 for testing chips: UC3843 UC3842 UC3844 UC2843 UC2842 UC2844 UC1843 UC3845 MIC38C43 ISL6843IB K1033EU15BR

Failure of the UC 3842 chip in practice occurs quite often. Moreover, as shown by the statistics of such failures, the cause of the microcircuit failure becomes the breakdown of a powerful field-effect transistor, which is controlled by this microcircuit. Therefore, when replacing the power transistor of the power supply unit in the event of a malfunction, it is strongly recommended to check the control chip UC 3842.

There are several methods of testing and diagnosing the microcircuit, but the most effective and simple to use in practice in the conditions is the use of a PWM tester.

Chip Tester Series VIPER22. PWM-TEST22 for testing the operation of microcircuits: VIPER22 VIPER12 АМ22

Currently, there are many types of microcircuits, in which the integration of various components of the network converter in one package is carried out. The network adapter structure represents in this case a set of an integral power unit and discrete elements that cannot be integrated.
There are examples when a diode bridge and a control circuit are integrated in one package, and the output key is implemented discretely. In other cases, the key management circuit, the key itself, as well as the logic and protection power circuits are integrated in one package. For the implementation of adapters operating in working and standby modes, the second integration scheme is used.
In the operating mode, the consumption can reach 20 W, and in the standby, when the load is disconnected, decrease to 80 mW. There are two network sources on TVs and computers - main and standby. The standby source provides power to the controller, which turns the main power on and off, and is permanently connected to the network.

TinySwitch 1-4 chipset tester from the PWM-TESTTNY family for testing chips: TinySwitch 1 IC: TNY253 TNY254 TNY255. TinySwitch 2 IC: TNY263 TNY264 TNY265 TNY266 TNY267 TNY268. TinySwitch 3 IC: TNY274 TNY275 TNY276 TNY277 TNY278 TNY279 TNY280. TinySwitch 4 IC: TNY284 TNY285 TNY286 TNY287 TNY288 TNY290

The American company Power Integrations has developed and has been producing for many years.
several families of integrated circuits (IC) for low-power and
small network pulse flyback power sources with galvanic
Isolation of the output voltages from the network united under the common name TinySwitch.

All microcircuits in these families have a minimum of external elements and
contain the built-in output key on the high-voltage MOSFET. Working
drain-source voltage 700 V (for TinySwitch-4 - 725 V). IC family
TinySwitch and all more advanced families are used in charging
devices for cell phones, switching power supplies (UPSs), radiotelephone
extension cables (cordless telephones) and antenna amplifiers, power supplies
duty mode TVs, personal computers, etc.

The company also produces testers of very popular 555, 741 and 358 microcircuits in the form of self-assembly kits and assembled in finished form.

Chip Tester Series 555 PWM-TEST555 for testing chips: NE555 TLC555 LM555 LM1455 MC1455P RC555 ICM7555 LC7555 KR1006VI1

Dual single op-amp LM741, LM358 and similar PWM-TESTOPAM1 chipset tester for testing circuits: LM741 LM358 NE5532 MC1741 OP07 TA7504 AD741 1040UD1 1053UD2 GL358 NE532 OP04 OP221 OP295 OP75275

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