Год издания: 1884

Robert and William Chambers

Chambers's Encyclopaedia A Dictionary of Universal Knowledge for the People. Volume VIII. Английский словарь для народа, том 8

Chambers’s Encyclopaedia, British encyclopaedia published in Oxford, Eng., and named after its original publishers, Robert and William Chambers. 1884, London.


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Chambers’s Encyclopaedia, British encyclopaedia published in Oxford, Eng., and named after its original publishers, Robert and William Chambers. The first edition in 10 volumes (1859–68) was based on a translation of the 10th edition of the German Konversations-Lexikon (now Brockhaus Enzyklopädie). Chambers’s Encyclopaedia is not to be confused with the Cyclopaedia of Ephraim Chambers. The modern Chambers’s appeared as a 15-volume set in 1950.

The scope of the encyclopaedia is international, but its emphasis is primarily British, as are the scholarly contributors. Not having a continuous revision system makes much of the material dated; the most recent edition (1973; not ordinarily available in the United States) is a reprint with corrections of the 1966 revised edition published by Pergamon, which had a new format, new entry selections, and a reapportionment of space. Chambers’s has a reputation for reliable, scholarly, and literate treatment of historical subjects, especially in the humanities, geography, and biography. Its format is conservative.

Chambers's Encyclopaedia was founded in 1859 by W. & R. Chambers of Edinburgh and became one of the most important English language encyclopaedias of the 19th and 20th centuries, developing a reputation for accuracy and scholarliness that was reflected in other works produced by the Chambers publishing company.

The first edition, titled "Chambers's Encyclopaedia A Dictionary of Universal Knowledge for the People", was partly based on a translation into English of the 10th edition of the German-language Konversations-Lexikon, which became the Brockhaus Enzyklopädie, however, the publishers found it necessary to include much additional material. Andrew Findlater was the acting editor and spent ten years of his life on the project. The work appeared between 1859 and 1868 in 520 weekly parts at three-halfpence each and totalled ten octavo volumes, or 8,320 pages, and over 27,000 articles from in excess of 100 authors. Volume 10 included a supplement of 409 pages at the back for new and revised content. A revised edition appeared in 1874. The index of matters not having special articles contained about 1,500 headings. The articles were generally excellent, especially on Jewish literature, folk-lore and practical science; but, as in Brockhaus, the scope of the work did not allow extended treatment.

  • Переплет книги: Полукожаный с золотым тиснением
  • Год издания: 1884
  • Автор: Robert and William Chambers
  • Библиофильские особенности издания: Выгодная инвестиция в антиквариат!
  • Прижизненное издание автора: Большая библиографическая редкость - прижизненное издание автора!
  • Первоиздание книги: Очень редкое и самое первое издание этого научного и литературного труда автора
  • Роскошное издание, отличный подарок: Богато иллюстрированное издание или издание в отличном переплете и отпечатанное на бумаге высшего качества
  • Сохранность лота: Отличная
  • Место издания: Edinburgh
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